Weekend Recap

I have spent most of my weekend sleeping, but I did manage to wash my hair and catch up on some reading for my upcoming History Exam. This week has been crazy. My journal entries from wednesday up to date are filled with confusion, signs of change. The say the only thing constant in life is change, but change is something i desperately despised. For sometime now I have vowed to honesty, to become as transparent and genuine as possible. Telling the truth seems so hard, when your so conditioned to telling a lie. This past week I've discovered my strength in some many different aspects. I acknowledged my weaknesses and have guareded them. What troubles me the most however, is knowing that true love is uncertain until you've reached a dynamic experience of assurance. Praying for Proverbs 31 to come alive in me. In other news Im starting to test my hand at designing, and actually style reporting.

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