My middle name was given to me after my late Grandmother, Dorothy. Back in the day common names came along with a common nickname. Dorothy has two, Dot and Doll. Convieniently my small facial features and petite frame makes me appear like a Doll as well. Emphasizing the name doll means more than looking like a baby doll, In so many ways the name helps me identify with a woman I share DNA, one I never met. The Doll (Dorothy) I was named after. As a child I despised my name because everyone else had a cool nickname like angel, or laila, and I was Dorothy. But Since I was 17 I have been compelled more and more to this nickname of mine No one had to give me, A nickname I was given the moment they added Dorothy to the middle. I wonder sometimes If she was anything like me, If some where Inside of her she had a sassy attitude she just could not hide.

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