Decades Ago

Button Down: Cotton On, Skirt: Urban Threads
This is my last night in Miami, Im so ready to be in route back to gainseville...I can't believe I just said that. I love the city, I adore the city life even more, especially with my family here. The only problem is that im a child here. When im miles away im 20, somedays 24, here im 12 somedays 16. Being confined in a box that others feel is appropriate for me, Im slowly breaking out, but the process is dreadful in the meantime. My mother also found out about my tatto, im relieve and sad, Me and my mother have built a strong relationship recently and i cherish her wisdom and presence in my life more than I ever would have imagined. I hate that she might think differently of me, I didnt mark my body to be rebellious, I just needed to make a move to Start living life for Darshay, and no one else. Being that I can't my hair any shorter I figured that was the next best thing, I love that bow, its the first daring thing I've ever done and since then I've been what I was born to be.....Different!

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