Hope and her Daughter

Christmas Eve

Today has been wonderful so far. Long night of heated debate with my nephew and brother, then practice, and finally thrifting!!! I bought myself something special and vintage, a bag. You never can have too many bags. Xoxo



It's like every time I fall out of love I have to question whether it was really real. Love is not magic however it's a choice and once I start choosing to love and embracing the idea of someone else God allows you to forgot what was once a bitter taster a burning wound to the chest. I'm learning what I want, I don't want to have to take care of a man forever I would like to be spoiled equally instead of constantly drained until I have nothing left. I would love to be with someone bigger than me willing to protect, provide and love without fear. Someone I don't have to teach a man who will compliment my accomplishments, intellects, and ambitions. Someone who I can be myself around someone who enjoys me being myself. Someone who notices the small things, like the fact that I do my hair almost every four days. And the styles are completely different. Someone who says good morning and good night darling. Someone i feel sexy around, a baby but never a child. Someone who makes me feel aware of myself my confidence and enjoys embracing me... A man who prays hard, and allows God to move in his life! That's what I want I just have to stop looking for it.


Time to pick the pace up. I didn't come home to sit around and enjoy the scenery, I'm here to put my hands on opportunities, to network with people to make major moves! Lord give me a heart of courage, to continue to hustle ad never get complacent.

DISCOUNT, Karmaloop.com

Hey Guys Im giving you all an early christmas Gift.  Karmaloop.com has everything you could ever want when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories. Guy or Girl trust me they GOT YOU!!  and for christmas I would love for everyone to be CLEAN so click the link below and shop away to receive 20% off any purchase on their site. You can always send me your pictures
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Love Doll. XOXOXO trying to turn this christmas right side up!

Red & Comic

Last day of finals! First step of making major moves. Today will forever be remembered as EPIC. That only word weird as well as over the top. I had to bring the weirdo in me back. Street style is whatever kills, and I was just made to swagg.

Captured it all

So yesterday I had one shot at being banquet ready. I had to get it all at one place, the chosen place was Forever XXI so everything here is forever's . I was going for advice from my main man and boobie but then it happened, this was reaching out for me.

Griff & Coops Graduation Dinner

A collection of so many thrifted pieces, I mean everything! *31 Charms & No Boys Allowed*  I'll be blogging about both and some goodies they're having for the holidays next weekend once I get home...as in Miami. Also Here's the Main Man for you guys who aren't acquainted with this kid yet. That's my homie right there man. Teammate and one of my close friends. I'll be auctioning him off soon to a FLY young lady. as you can see he is always clean, always. 


So I've been going crazy for the last few days, dealing with everything and anything. Today was the turning point though, Inhale Exhale...Live. When things are out of your control there's no need to even consider It as stress you should label it "Caution: Will cause you to overwhelm yourself and DIE!!" Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually im drained. This little baby has made major changes, and has yet to look back. My neck is twitching because I thought about it giving up so many nights. Who am I to just get up and start over. This weekend the doubt kicked in but Im kicking back. I really do not care about what others assume, or believe about me. What they believe is best, not even what worked for them. 6 months into living a new life I feel it pulling me back in... so here is when my mother would say it alright I wont be upset if you do it. Thats when I flick 'em off TWICE!

Night Out.

Last Night was Ladies Night, Ciara and Avery's Birthday, But more than anything it was about us going in!
Here Im wearing a Tuxedo Vest and Sequins Shorts add my bow-tie and earlace =Swagg. Featured Here wearing an Orange Blazer, Sequins shorts and decorated bra is stephanie my ELMO.  Our Vlog is on the way babies so stick around for it.

Button Down: Thrifted Blazer: Forever XXI Tie: ASOS Skinnys: Forever XXI Bow: Gift from a friend Studs: Marc by Marc Jacobs

My obsession for Ties prevails throughout the year. Knotted around my neck there's a sense of confidence that I love. I never feel like a school girl, more like the Professor. My writing is at it's best once I transform into the buisness man.