My Sassy Lips!

******Disclaimer:  I have no intentions of offending anyone by these post, my opinions are only expressed and are subject to be wrong in the eyes of others but they will be addressed. ******

Topic: The lack of passion, drive, motivation...and the list goes on.

I was always taught that hate was a strong word, so I wont use it. Obviously if I had to start off by saying that you guys can feel where im coming from. I can not stand a person who just refuses to give effort. Baby find a grind, pick up a hustle "DO SUMIN".

 We're In the club, VIP to be exact, and theres this girl sitting on the couch. Nothing wrong with that right? No not all until..... She stands up and is wearing a lace long sleeve shirt, jeans and AIR MAXES.  Their is nothing wrong with this outfit until you have seen it on a grown woman inside of a club. Heels are our friends, do not neglect them. Sneakers are cool, and I love air maxes more than any other sneaker but" baybee that aint it".

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