Visualize it

Race Model

Runners take your mark....
The moment is here, the stadium seems to be closing in on us. Stepping out in front of the blocks in my lane, I bend over and touch my toes, repeating this motion three times. Bending down, I'm backing into the blocks now. Flashbacks from practice surface. "foot to the outside of the pad d3". Taking my time to make sure both feet fit on the pad. Stretching out my hands, elbows locked. The moment is here. The only thing in my vision is the #2 down the middle of my blocks. "Set"..... Deep breath baby, eyes still fixed on 2
"powww" push away, shoulders moving forward, hips forward, head down, ahhhh the grunts are released as I push harder down the track. Gradually, naturally I come up. Here's the moment my feet quicken I'm hitting shorter than! It's going to throw me out the back.... Race ends 7.26

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