Trouble sleeping

Girl problems

Terrified by my feelings, I seldom allow myself to think of you. I am not scared to love you, I am only afraid that once you discover that I do all will be lost. Love beats upon my chest, her weight is heavy like bricks. Sitting at the tips of my tongue, anxious to reveal my deepest secret. She has no eyes, she is unaware that you belong to everyone and no one. All she wants is for me to tell you she is here. She's been around for quite a while now, and it seems almost everyone can see her but you. You see there's only two type of men worth writing about the man you despise and the man you love. Sweetheart you are truly the latter. I am intrigued by what I don't know about you, what you have been through, your smile during times of hell. Your craving for knowledge, to know about everything around you. The fact of the matter is I feel as if it would be impossible for you to ever love me, it's crazy for you to even like me so soon, but how I feel is true. I am helplessly in love with a man, I shouldn't have met. Head over heels for the time I spend wrapped in your arms, or rubbing your back. I adore every glance of your face resting in my lap. The innocence I see, the love for your family. I am cursed, so I'm still fighting trying to run the farthest from you. But running hurts just as bad as staying....

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