F(fashion)oreign Relations

For the past few days I've been straining my eyes trying to consume every concept of international relations. Well realistically everything inclusive of chapters 1-7. Preparing for my makeup exam my professors review haunted me. "I can careless about the definition, I'm concerned about your understanding of the concepts". Aimlessly I stared into my pinewood desk. At such a critical hour, all I could think of was Chanel's show, (the app is amazing) thats when my vintage beret hat made the paradigm of liberalism clear. Of all the theories in my textbook I am appalled fashion has not been included. Fashion is what brings together the EU the Americas, and Asia. The similarities and socially aspects liberalist speak of are expressed through springs 2012 collections. American designer Marc Jacobs is at the head of the LV house, bridging American and French fashionistas together, who in return set norms and trends to the world to come.

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