So I've been going crazy for the last few days, dealing with everything and anything. Today was the turning point though, Inhale Exhale...Live. When things are out of your control there's no need to even consider It as stress you should label it "Caution: Will cause you to overwhelm yourself and DIE!!" Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually im drained. This little baby has made major changes, and has yet to look back. My neck is twitching because I thought about it giving up so many nights. Who am I to just get up and start over. This weekend the doubt kicked in but Im kicking back. I really do not care about what others assume, or believe about me. What they believe is best, not even what worked for them. 6 months into living a new life I feel it pulling me back in... so here is when my mother would say it alright I wont be upset if you do it. Thats when I flick 'em off TWICE!

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