It's like every time I fall out of love I have to question whether it was really real. Love is not magic however it's a choice and once I start choosing to love and embracing the idea of someone else God allows you to forgot what was once a bitter taster a burning wound to the chest. I'm learning what I want, I don't want to have to take care of a man forever I would like to be spoiled equally instead of constantly drained until I have nothing left. I would love to be with someone bigger than me willing to protect, provide and love without fear. Someone I don't have to teach a man who will compliment my accomplishments, intellects, and ambitions. Someone who I can be myself around someone who enjoys me being myself. Someone who notices the small things, like the fact that I do my hair almost every four days. And the styles are completely different. Someone who says good morning and good night darling. Someone i feel sexy around, a baby but never a child. Someone who makes me feel aware of myself my confidence and enjoys embracing me... A man who prays hard, and allows God to move in his life! That's what I want I just have to stop looking for it.

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