Penn State Scandal

This has been a crazy year for college sports, almost every university with any fame attributed to sports has been thrown under the bus. The NCAA has had quite a handful this year investigating different scandals, most of which relating to compensation of money or benefits. Today on the contrary the world of college sports has a nasty taste in their mouth, anxious to spit out the shame, and anger that is being built up collectively. The pride we have for our athletics demands more of us as people to become role models for the fans cheering for us. There is no way in hell that the hard working men and women training at Penn State should have to be associated with such a troubling story, but they will forever. Accusations place Former Defensive Coordinator in court on charges of sexual assault, child molestation, etc. Nine offenses against him, the now 67 year old got away with his DISGUISTING crimes from 1999 to 2009. A whole decade of young boys who were touched indecesently. Although the head coach reported the incident to his supervisor, the police were never contacted. Now Tim Curley, the athletic director, and Gary Schultz senior vice president of finance and buisness have stepped down after denying accusations in court as "horse playing".

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