Dark Hues & Leopard....

When Living in Florida it is more than necessary to know the weather Hour by Hour. The Frightening 50 degrees at 7am lead many to layer up, when the temperature rose to 77 in less than an hour. Luckily I pray for wisdom at night, and was already two steps ahead of the game. Today I decided to pair black on black. The combination demands attention, I love it. But i can never just settle for All black everything, I decided to finally embrace the beloved and trending Leopard print. Pinned on the side is a Leopard print bow that was given to me as a gift from my Neice. And if you didnt catch on by now Purple is my favorite color. Purple is also a dark yet eye-catching hue that stands out during the fall. I couldnt Help but dare to be different and finish my ensemble with woody brown colored ankle boots. Earrings are another piece from the Bunker...NO BOYS ALLOWED shopnoboys.com

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