Bed Head Foxy Curls...Extreme Curl Mousse Review

So As you all can see I am African American, and I wouldnt consider my hair type horrible but it is more than a handful. Recently I made the decision to stop wearing weave, because Im obssessed with bangs and it causes my face to breakout. I cannot deal with bumps on my face at all. So a little while back I went home so my mom could dye my hair, and we had the conversation about trying to create a curly look in my hair similiar to how she wears hers. My mother is my biggest inspiration when it comes to beauty, fashion as well as writing. She has been a cosmotologist for years now and she thought it would be best for me to try a few "white hair" products. She explained to me how so many manufacters of black hair products use chemicals with high levels of acid, which causes breakage in our hair. Two weeks ago I bought The infamous BED HEAD! It was recommended to me by my first college roommate my favorite white girl FAWN. Saturday morning was my first attempt I washed my hair with my normal tresemme shampoo and conditioner. While wet I applied the curling mousse and played with the top of my hair. and blow dried the top of my hair on low. here was the results. My hair is processed, relaxed, every three to four weeks, so Just imagine how it would respond to natural hair.

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