My sassy lips!

So I'm finally getting back into the groove of things. Being a journalism major is draining at times always reading, I'm always torn between politics and fashion. There's a blog on here named highheelsandpolitics I wish I thought of that before her lol. Any who I've read all the gossip columns I could possibly find. Yal know I don't tell the tea until its sweet so here goes the recap...

Finally Jay & the QUEEN B! Have brought a little girl into the world ivy blue carter is her name (awwww) I really hope everyone who said she was faking her pregnancy bite their tongue and bleed lol. These people are a power couple, an amazing black MARRIED couple yet being the crabs in the bucket they define us to be Yal talk so bad about a child and actually called it a demon! Since when Yal was calling out demons?? You guys have no clue where they at with Christ but since they doing well it must be the devil! Im praying for you guys cause that's absurd. I believe that God is alive and living and willing to bring prosperity in any black persons life.
Girl I'm bout to start preaching lets move on...
This may not be major to you guys but one of the original members of #teambaldhead has made their way back home to the edged up cut and short curls!!! You don't have have to love me you don't even have to like me but you will respect me cause ima BOSS! Yes Kelis came back to the bald side. She did a spread in Hunger magazine and she was adorable.

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