Diary Entry

I never write about running. I never write about how fast I ran, or my aspirations beyond college. To put it simply I feel like "whats understood don't need to be explained". I'll ramble on and on about fashion, entertainment and my love interest for hours. The reason for it all is because without words I can not express how I feel. If I dont write memoirs of those things down, they will run off with the wind. Those areas of my life make up a story that im dying to share with strangers. I want to be closer to them, for us to connect.
 The difference with running is that I find it very intimate. Most of my day is spent releasing all that I am,  aggression, passion, tenacity, and determination. I run against the clock, and numbers don't need words to have value. I have no desire to write about how bad I want to make an Olympic team because the sweat on my brow should speak loud enough. The aching soreness in my thighs should be enough explanation. The blank reoccuring stare of focus should easily communicate that Im no where near the greatest right now. The whole world isn't waiting on my next race, but not of that matters because what I am capable of, what I will push myself to become, there is no word to explain it, nor a person to predict. Im preparing to seize the moment, not to win over an audience.

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